The Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill was asked to participate in an upcoming
episode of Extreme MakeOver Home Edition to air this fall.
Along with Susan's Fiber Shop we were able to assist the Stott family with
fiber and a spinning wheel.
ILWFM recogonizes the hardship this family has been under and
was extremely happy to assist.

Check out our photo Gallery and see David Duchovny spinning
Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill fiber!!!

Click Here for Gallery


Wisconsin FFA Visited the mill October 21st
there were over 55 visitors with lots of great questions.

Click here to see the photo gallery




Are you a member of a Spinning, knitting, or felting guild or just have a group interested in fiber? Ask us for details on touring the mill.

Thank you to all visitors to our booth at the Midwest Fiber
and Folk Festival July 18-20th.

Thank you to all Moonspinners Spinning Guild members that visited us at our mill June 28th.

Click here for more pictures.

Thank you to all MSSBA members that visited us at our mill May 30th. 


Marge Day spinning at store open house.


Our own fiber artist Elodie Zeien has felted pictures at the brick. It just so happens thats what these ladies are viewing. Check out the Brick and Elodie's work.

So, you have a few sheep and, after you shore them, they produce wool. Where can you get that wool processed? Is there any place that will go to the trouble of dealing with small quantities of wool?

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